Freedom to move, The right to be found.

About Otiom

Otiom is Acubit´s first localization product, which is targeted to people with dementia. The thing that differentiates Otiom from other products on the market, within tracking of people with dementia, is that Otiom only localizes, when there is a specific need for it. The person with dementia is in that way not tracked or monitored all the time, but Otiom gives the helpers the opportunity of localizing the person with dementia, when it is necessary. The alarm goes off, if the person with dementia moves outside of the personally set safe zone, which can be set in the Otiom app. The helpers get a message that the alarm has gone off, in the Otiom app on their smartphone, and the alarm continues until one of the helpers has accepted the alarm.


  • Quickly and precisely locates down to 1 meter, both indoor and outdoor, on different floors and in basements.
  • Has a long battery life
  • Does not need local infrastructure
  • Only needs little work
  • Withstands machine wash up to 60 degrees
  • Logical and intuitive use via app for smartphones and tablets
  • Possibility for individual settings depending on the need / state of dementia

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