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The team

Don’t let the size scare you. Even though we are not an army, we are exactly the amount of people we need to be. Our team is consisting of people with many different competences and backgrounds, to secure that we can deliver the best products possible. We have very high ambitions to ourselves, each other and our products, and we have a fast-paced work environment, where there is a short way from thought to action. Our core competences are development of innovative IT solutions, within localisation, using IoT (Internet of Things) technology.





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Thomas Pedersen

+45 2542 2960

Kim Bejstrup Poulsen

+45 3072 4080

Mette Fruensgaard

Executive assistent
+45 2258 2105

Maja Lyng Sørensen

+ 45 5155 6563

Andreas Rendtorff Skovmose

+45 2510 7940

Ruben Nørgaard

+45 2818 0409

Eigil Myrhøj

Project manager
+45 2331 9638