Connect anything. Locate Anywhere.

New standards

Acubit is a start-up company with very high ambitions, located in Aalborg, Denmark. We develop technology that sets a new standard for localization of things and people, no matter where they are in the world. At Acubit we develop localization technologies by using IoT (Internet of Things), which secures a simple and efficient localization of both things and people. Acubit marks an extensive change in the field, because Acubit´s localization technology, in contrast to GPS technology, only tracks anything when it is necessary. At the same time, IoT makes it possible to make very precise localizations, down to 1 meter, both indoor and outdoor, and on specific floors and in basements.

Our development of technology makes it possible for us, in the future, to create a wide range of products for different localization tasks. These include localization of; tools, cars, bicycles, luggage while traveling, and people. It is also possible to localize errors on machines, or view which operating system is the most efficient. At Acubit, we see many opportunities through this technology, and we have great ambitions of further development of many products for different purposes in the future.

Value adding technology

Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean

In a global world, where movement and speed are the only consistencies, localization technology can keep us on track and connect points for a clear snapshot of the moment. There are many possibilities. With the new NB-IoT technology, it is possible to localize anything – anywhere. This means that we can localize both things and people.

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